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Returns Policy

Returns Policy


Incstyle Proprietary Limited t/a Zoya Africa (“Incstyle”) will be happy to accept returns on any unused AND UNOPENEDitems / products within 7 (seven) business days of receipt by you of the products concerned (ordered by you from Incstyle). For hygienic reasons, to ensure the purity of our products we do not accept returns on opened or used merchandise. Gift with Purchase (GWP) items and samples must be sent back unused and unopened with your returning items / products.


In the case of returned products:

(a)    if you remain as a registered user of Incstyle’s website then Incstyle will issue a credit note to you for the returned products against future purchases by you of product from Incstyle from or through its website. If, you do not make a future order within 6 (six) months after the returns of the products concerned, then you must send to Incstyle an email or other written notification, wherein your full bank account details must be stated, requesting a refund of the amount that had been paid by you to (and which amount was received by Incstyle) for the returned products – Incstyle will make such refund to you within 7 (seven) business days of receipt by it of such email or written notification; or

(b)    if you do not or wish not to remain as a registered user of Incstyle’s website, then you must forthwith deregister yourself as a registered user of Incstyle’s website and you must send to Incstyle an email or other written notification, wherein your full bank account details must be stated, requesting a refund of the amount that had been paid by you to (and which amount was received by Incstyle) for the returned products – Incstyle will make such refund to you within 7 (seven) business days of receipt by it of such email or written notification.


For the purposes of this Returns Policy (the “Returns T&Cs”), business days exclude Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in the Republic of South Africa (“South Africa”).

Prior to your returning any products to Incstyle, you must first contact Incstyle by email or other written notification that you intend to return the products concerned, stating therein the reason for the return of the products. Incstyle will then assess such reasons and whether the return of the products concerned is indeed justifiable or correct or the only measure that can be adopted in the context and the nature of the products concerned. Returns that are not authorized by Incstyle within 5 (five) business days may experience delays in processing. Returns that are received in strict compliance with this Returns Policy (Returns T&Cs), with proper authorization, will be refunded within 7-10 (seven to ten) business days of receipt by Incstyle, in connection with the returned products, of the necessary documentation (as contemplated in these Returns T&Cs).  The refund will be processed to the same credit card, or bank account that was used to pay for the order, and may take up to 10 business days to appear on your statement depending on your financial institution. When the refund is processed, you will receive an email notification from Incstyle for your records.

Please note:   We do not accept returns under any circumstances for bottles that are faulty or broken, pumps not working, tubes that have burst, and/or damaged boxes.

Please note further that original shipping charges are not refundable and that for all items return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer / you. However, Incstyle, in its sole and absolute discretion, to refund to you any shipping or freight costs.

While Incstyle will gladly supply and ship /freight to all countries outside of South Africa, Incstyle will not be liable for nor does Incstyle hold itself responsible for foreign countries’ import requirements, and Incstyle shall not accept or receive parcels or products that are returned or destroyed due a foreign country’s import restrictions or laws. Should such parcels or products be returned to Incstyle no refunds can be made under such conditions.

Damaged in Transit

Incstyle will reasonable care to ensure that the products are packaged securely to arrive in excellent condition. Any claims for carrier or courier damaged items or products (directly damaged by the carrier or courier concerned) must be submitted to Incstyle within 48 (forty-eight) hours after receipt of your delivery, with photographs of the damaged products and, where applicable, the packaging and/or boxes concerned (sent together with such claim), to enable Incstyle to address such damages with the carrier or courier concerned.

To ensure a prompt resolution to this situation, you must, within 7 (seven) business days, return the box, packing materials, and the damaged products to Incstyle.

Any refund or re-ship will be processed following inspection by Incstyle of the product concerned.

The customer / you will bear and pay all of the courier costs to return any damaged product to Incstyle.

You must re-pack the item(s) / product(s) that you wish to return, in terms of this returns policy in the  original packaging of the item or product concerned, and you shall include your return address in the package (the returned package or product). All packaging must not be damaged in any way whatsoever. You must repack as delivered to you.

Please ensure that you always have the tracking number on the relevant waybill (for such returned items / products, and provide a copy thereof to Incstyle on the request of Incstye.


Allergic Reactions

It is always important to use products as directed on the label, but in the extreme case your skin becomes irritated or shows signs of an allergic reaction, stop using the product immediately and contact us within 10 (ten) business days from delivery of such products to you. If Incstyle identifies that the product purchased would have caused a skin reaction or an allergy to you Incstyle will refund you for the product concerned. Incstyle will require a letter from your doctor stating that it is indeed the product that caused the reaction, and not another outside influence. Should you suffer from allergies and are allergic to specific ingredients to any products then please contact Incstyle in writing to ascertain the ingredients of each product or the ingredients list of each product to enable you to ascertain whether any such ingredients would cause an allergic reaction to you, before you order the products concerned – you must check the ingredients of each product or the ingredients list of each products prior to using any product.

Allergic reactions – Incstyle does not and does not provide such service.

Allergic reactions – You must furnish to Incstyle with a letter from your doctor anda letter from a recognised professional dermatologist.

Damaged, Faulty, Incorrect

If items / products that you have received are damaged or faulty in any way, or not what you originally ordered, then Incstyle will exchange the items / products or offer you a credit note therefor. You must notify Incstyle immediately or within no later than 24 (twenty four) hours of the delivery to you of any such items / products. In this regard, you should select ‘returns and exchanges’ and include your order number. This policy is only applicable to purchases made online.

Incstyle is unable to process returns for purchases made within a partnered salon or spa.

Returns for purchases made online will not be accepted for return or exchange at a spa or salon.

Returning Orders Paid by Gift Certificates

An online store credit voucher will be issued to the gift recipient for the full amount of the merchandise return. Incstyle does, and shall, not offer exchanges or cash refunds for gift certificate purchases. Any funds charged to a credit card will be automatically credited to the same card. The provisions of this clause shall apply to all promotions, discounted items, and affiliate codes and any products relative thereto.

Save for your rights in terms of the Consumer Protection Act  68 of 2008 (“CPA”) (as such legislation is amended or replaced from time to time) to return any product that may be unsafe and/or defective and/or otherwise returnable by you in terms of the CPA, there shall be  a no return policy on all goods and products except in terms of the CPA and/or if damaged (as determined Incstyle in its own, and sole,  discretion


MAKE-UP –Due to the nature of Make-Up products and the many colours and shades we cannot accept these items for return, and request that item colours are checked prior to purchase; you cannot return such products.


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Cancellation of orders

Orders placed may be cancelled at any time prior to payment or your processing of your payment or payment options as provided for in Incstyle’s website. Should payment be received the order may only cancelled and subject to the following fees:

  1. a) Prior to shipment (after having made payment) – 40% of the purchase price;

After the package is delivered to the shippers – no cancellation. NB: all shipping costs shall be borne by the clients irrespective of cause and reason. It will always be in the sole discretion of Incstyle whether a shipping refund shall be issued and/or paid to you.

Should you have any queries regarding the return of any item or product please, at the least, complete the “Contact Us” form that forms part of or is linked to Incstyle’s website.


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